About Us

Marquis Homes is proud to have a history of satisfied customers.

With over 20 years of experience, Marquis Developments knows precisely how to make your home building experience the exciting and enjoyable one it should be. Offering a simple, step by step process ensures a very comfortable and thorough system for our purchasers.


Pre-construction consultations and on-staff design professionals offer our buyers in-person, professional advice and solutions during the planning phase of your custom home to ensure every aspect of the design is met to exacting detail.  Marquis takes pride in providing a seamless customer service experience through our one-of-a-kind comprehensive look at all stages of their home design and building process.


As a purchaser with Marquis Developments, buyers can stay up-to-date on their home's construction process through the My New Home. Seamlessly integrated within our corporate website, My New Home allows purchasers to log-in to their very own secure page for progress pictures, supplier links, colour selections, and service request forms. This central online system enables an organized and detailed account of the entire build process for easy reference and updates for our buyers.


Become part of Marquis Developments’  history of excellence and begin your custom home experience today.